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官方文档:配置管理器类 - ArcGIS Pro

ConfigurationManager Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by ConfigurationManager.

Public Constructors

Name Description
Public Constructor ConfigurationManager Constructor

Protected Properties

Name Description
Protected Internal Property ApplicationName Gets the new application name for the configuration.
Protected Internal Property Icon Gets the new application icon for the configuration.
Protected Internal Property RuntimeDamlFile Opportunity for the configuration to provide DAML file at run-time.
Protected Internal Property TitleBarText Gets the title bar text. The default implementation returns the Title unless it is empty in which case Name is used.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Protected Internal Method OnApplicationInitializing Called when the application is initializing. It is safe to communicate with Portal at this time. The DAML records have not been processed at this point.
Protected Internal Method OnApplicationReady Called when the appliation has fully initialized.
Protected Internal Method OnCanExecuteCommand Gives a configuration the ability to disable commands.
Protected Internal Method OnCreateDaml Opportunity for the configuration to provide DAML at run-time.
Protected Internal Method OnCreateQuickAccessToolbar The list of commands to show in the quick access toolbar.
Protected Internal Method OnExecuteCommand Allows a configuration to reject a command’s execution.
Protected Internal Method OnShowAboutPage Allows the configuration to inject some custom user interface into the about page.
Protected Internal Method OnShowSplashScreen The custom splash screen for the configuration.
Protected Internal Method OnShowStartPage The custom start page (landing page) to show once the appliation starts.
Protected Internal Method OnShowWebHelp Called when web help is requested.
Protected Internal Method OnUpdateDatabase The last chance for the configuration to manipulate the DAML before it is processed.
Protected Internal Method OnValidateLicense Gives the configuration the chance to perform its own license checking. Returning false signals a licensing problem has occurred and the application should shut down.

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